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The biggest railway tunnel in Greece and in Balkans is set to operate, Kallidromo.

The biggest railway tunnel in Greece and in Balkans is set to operate, Kallidromo.

We are proud of being a part of the original geological and geotechnical mapping team.

  • Many boreholes, some of them >500m deep
  • Detailed mapping of complex geological features, ophiolitic sequences, active faults tracing and assessment (more than two years)
  • Thousands of in situ and laboratory tests
  • Sleepless nights

An amazing experience comes to its end. After nearly 20 years. You can read more here.

Geoserver development using ready-made Vagrant vm

Tired of setting up a different development environments for testing your ideas and code? We have you covered!! Different OS, version of software, scripts, hardware and many other things, can make you spend days without doing your real job, make something actually work and get paid for it. You want to have a light, portable, easy to maintain, split, fork, erase, duplicate development environment. There are many options out there but Vagrant is the best. If you don’t know what Vagrant is, you must, right now. Especially if you are working with Open Source software such as Geoserver, Open Layers, maintenance and keeping version in order is very hard. read more…

Building Geo-apps with ESRI

Anyone can build apps on the ArcGIS Platform.

You don’t have to be a software developer to build valuable geo-apps that make your communities smarter and businesses more successful. This course will show you how to combine location and narrative in one application to better communicate and broadcast your story, create custom web applications that solve problems in your community, and build powerful native applications for iOS and Android devices without touching a piece of code. If you are a developer, you’ll be interested in Esri’s APIs, SDKs, and the buzzing GeoDev community.

To register visit:

AppStudio for ArcGIS beta released (Short review)


Appstudio, Esri

Esri released a new Developer Application AppStudio for ArcGIS (Beta). AppStudio for ArcGIS is a new tool in the GIS app revolution. It lets you convert your maps into beautiful, consumer-friendly mobile apps ready for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and publish them using your own brand to all popular app stores – no developer skills required. With AppStudio for ArcGIS, organizations on the ArcGIS platform now have the ability to build cross-platform native apps, in a snap.

Here in Geobuild we already working with the new app. First thoughts:

  • Very clean user interface
  • Good tutorial videos
  • You can quickly transform a map you already made to an app
  • One click app creation, for iOS, Android, Windows and Linux (!)

Stay tuned for more info. You can discover the new features at AppStudio site.

Geographic Analysis of refugee acceptance in Europe

Geographic analysis helps us to explain why some European countries reject refugees, and others want them. The following map gives a clear view of what is going on in Europe for the last 14 years in terms of demographics. Many regions show a decline in population but the demand in man power is high. On the contrary, many regions show a increase in population and a decrease in jobs. This fact is crucial for accepting newcomer refugees.

This map helps explain why some European countries reject refugees, and others love them

Map showing population growth/decline in Europe.

Read full article here.